The Avhath Rites

by Avhath

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Avhath's latest effort featuring six compositions of their darkest yet most vibrant exploration of abrasive sounds.


released February 1, 2019

Music by Avhath
Lyrics by Krig
Recorded at ALS Studio
Mixed & Mastered by Auliya Akbar at Noise Lab Studio
Produced by Avhath

Cover art photography and layout by Krig
Band photography by Firman Rohmansyah

© ℗ 2019 HVTH Rites


all rights reserved


Track Name: Abhorrent Display
Betrayed by all things I have traded
An abhorrent display of being civilized

I whisper, “I hope you are protected, when dark days will never ceased”

Pulling strings I have collected, capturing the rage in rapture
Track Name: False Preacher
An unlocked cage
A fiery blaze
The plague carrier
"Long live!"

A sudden rage
On certain ways
The plague carrier
"Long live!"

"Sold to the highest bidder!"

False preacher
The plague carrier
Long live the irony
Track Name: Serpentine
The absolute absence of power
Dragged into adversity
The mountain range draped in cold
Curse the mankind from which they came

In solemn tenure they marching in

Purification thrown into existence

We are vacant with malicious intent
When living in the serpent’s lair
Adhere to the imagination of paradise
Track Name: Overlay of Chrome
Fathering all darkness, dwelling in the carcass
Watching mist that drifted slowly
An ego that challenges consciousness, the heart that descended
Nothing’s sacred, no pleasure’s required.

We have been vowed to stay along with decay
There will come a day until I see the grass that sways
We have been vowed to stay

It's too far from home, an overlay of chrome
Gleaming through the clear water

I wonder if could feel beyond the multiverse
Escaping memories of dreadful days

Longing for whisper that I am home
Track Name: The Annual Horrors
Conflicting perspectives and forces
The land of promises and corpses
A hope left in our home

The annual horrors of a siege
Seeing through the eyes of the damned
I stretched my arms to reach
Harvesting pain with my left hand

I have nowhere to be
I have nothing to see
Track Name: Destination: Perdition
I will maim, I will devour
I will desecrate, I will condemn
I will be named, I will be damned

I was once the silence
I bid my devotion
In my own reverie
As close I’ll ever be

It's not the heart that roams
A final chapter of wretched home

Playing the mental attrition
In the twilight hour, we rush to perdition

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